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Moringa Living Bitters

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Moringa Bitters are known to have a detoxifying effect on the liver. The purification properties can help you get rid of the harmful chemicals and toxins that you are holding inside.


Moringa Living Bitters Benefits

There are multiple health benefits of living bitters. They can be used to combat a number of diseases, treat a variety of health conditions and help detox your body from toxins and chemicals. Below are some well-known benefits of action bitters:

Reduces Sugar Level

Diabetes is becoming extremely common nowadays due to our unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, this particular disease also gives birth to a number of other diseases such as kidney failure, heart diseases, and can even lead to blindness. While prevention toward sugary foods seems like the only solution to this problem, another cure lies in the leaves and seeds of the magical plant Moringa-Oleifera. This plant lowers your sugar level by converting your excess sugar into energy and making you feel active all day long.

Treats fungal, viral and parasitic infections

Moringa Living Bitters is known to have antibacterial properties that protect our body from diseases and prevent us from contracting diseases which are especially caused due to foodborne microorganisms.

Lowers blood pressure

Moringa Bitters is known to lower your blood pressure and relief you of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It also has a thinning effect on the blood which can prevent the advent of many heart-related diseases such as strokes, cardiac arrests, and heart attacks.

Reduces swelling

The anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa-plant not only prevent the onset of diseases, it is also helpful in treating edema which is swelling of the feet and hands due to fluid retention.

Natural supplement

If not for a particular disease, Moringa Bitters can be solely incorporated into your diet as a natural supplement. A large number of vitamins and minerals will be sufficient to fulfill your dietary requirements with little or no side-effects whatsoever.

Effective cancer treatment

The phenolic elements present in the Moringa-plant have properties which not only prevent cancer but can also cure it. Additionally, the bioactive compounds can prevent the development of cancerous cells leading to the treatment of various cancers such as skin cancer and ovarian cancer.

Treats arthritis and other joint pain

The Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids along with a few other anti-inflammatory compounds inside Moringa bitters are known to help treat joint pains and arthritis. The nutrients, especially an abundant amount of calcium, are bound to help you restore your energy in a matter of weeks.

Cures Thyroid related disorders

The hormone thyroxine plays an important role in metabolism, digestive functions, brain development, and strengthening of the bones.

Increase Cognition

Iron is essential to our body as it is the key element that forms hemoglobin which is responsible to carry oxygen to various parts of the body. A deficiency of iron can have fatal effects on your systems. When deprived of oxygen, this can lead to certain diseases such as Alzheimer's, ADHD or even memory loss. All the ingredients of Moringa Bitters are high in iron content and can help you fulfill your iron needs.

Treats ulcer and stomach related issues

The cleansing and detoxifying action of the Moringa Bitters cleanses the intestines of food remnants and makes it easier for food to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It also helps your body cope with other stomach-related disorders such as constipation, stomach and intestinal ulcers, spasms, and diarrhea.

Treats Inflammation-related diseases

Moringa Bitters is the most natural anti-inflammatory you can find. Inflammation is the root cause of a number of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and many allergies as well.


The oxidation processes inside the body lead to the production of free radicals which can damage other cells; oxidation can also lead to diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinsons Disease and Arthritis. Moringa Bitters can help to protect the body from severe health issues as listed above as antioxidants inside Moringa-leaves play an important role to fight off the free radicals.

Who can use Moringa Living Bitters?
You can use the Moringa detox juice if you are 13 and above. Since the solution is a potent mixture of Moringa and various herbs which are all known to be highly concentrated, they should be used only after consulting a doctor. We strictly advise not to use Moringa Action Bitters if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating. The solution should be kept out of reach of children to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

How to use Moringa Living Bitters?
Moringa-Oleifera itself a powerful combination of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. When combined with the above-listed ingredients, the effect gets doubled and can be highly effective to cure various health conditions. However, it should always be used if prescribed by your doctor or nutritionist.

For adults: You can start with 1 tablespoon twice a day before taking a meal. If you don’t experience any side effects, you can increase your intake to 2 tablespoons twice a day before your meals.
!Side Effects of Moringa Living Bitters
Under no circumstances should Moringa bitters detox be used in excessive amounts. A higher dosage can lead to certain side-effects

Moringa Living Bitters can prove to be fatal for the baby if used by a pregnant woman. Moringa-Oleifera is known to make the uterus contract and can lead to a miscarriage. Although this area has not been widely researched upon and there is insufficient proof to support the claim it is best to be on the safe side, especially when a pregnancy is involved.
Moringa-leaf is known to increase breast milk production for feeding mothers. Again, there is no substantial research done and hence it should be avoided if a woman is breastfeeding.
An excessive dosage of Moringa-Living-Bitters can lead to nausea and diarrhea.
The solution should be consumed when a person is fully hydrated, a lack of water can give you a heartburn almost instantly.
If you are on medicine to reduce the consistency of your blood, then Moringa could reverse the effect, as it can cause your blood to thicken. This could lead to problems in the longer run.

Legal Disclaimer :
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.