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Herbs To Live For is the result of my long term dream of being a doctor and my interest in healing people. My professional field of study took a different route which I am proud of. I am a teacher, teaching people how to live life with God consciousness. This, of course, leads me into being interested in the natural world and all its blessings. My dream of being a doctor now turned a passion for finding and using natural holistic medicine. I’ve come to the realization that the real power of healing is in the herbs. So with this in mind, I launched Herbs To Live For.

My belief furthers this point as in the Quran it states, “Eat from that which is good and wholesome and do righteous actions” 23:51. This strengthens for me the belief in my product and the understanding that what you eat allows your body to perform in its best fashion, and also what you eat can put your body in a state of dis-ease! So we have a choice on how to heal our body.

At Herbs To Live For, we promise to sell the best products that will give your body the chance to operate how it should.

– Khadar Muhammad Amin