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Kekereke Powder 30 grams

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Kekereke Powder is a 100% Natural Health Product it is also commonly and accurately nicknamed the "Marriage Saver". It enhances male and female stamina and vitality as well it  improves digestion. Do not think twice about this product. All of the benefits of Viagra and other stimulants without the side effects.


Kekereke - Is a natural root used in traditional African Medicine practices. Because it is plant based and available in the mid- African cultures, it has never been exploited in the way so many other holistic medicines have been exploited.

    • Bowel and intestinal regulator

    • Overall functions of the kidney and liver improves

    • Benefits male and female sexual enhancements (avoid the side effects of Viagra and other synthetic stimulants)

    • Helps to ease constipation

    • Helps purify blood and increase circulation

    • Acts as a natural colonic

    • Anti inflammatory


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